Leader in the EMEA market of the fashion retail industry, Ho.Re.Ca. and beyond
Where information flows fast, work pursues easier
We use a single platform for bids and tenders: our subvendors are always selected by internal tenders
No matter what language you speak, we know how to reach you
Our team speaks six different language as native: Italian, English, German, French, Spanish, Portoguese and Mandarin
Digital Twin
Remote monitoring is the key to open all the doors. Thanks to the Matterport technology we collect in a cloud 3d models of our siteyards, for providing efficient project management services. Recurring site inspections are not needed for our clients: construction progress will be avaiable on their devices
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as a general contractor, We are a service company responsible for the full realization of the building constructions

Handcrafting style, meticulous attention to details and flexibility are our pillars in the way we work everyday.
Our GC services help international companies building up their workspaces in the retail market as well as hotels, business offices in architecture and public interiors,  locally or internationally. 
Our approach to the market is multidisciplinary, we are mainly addressed to Retail with a ground-breaking approach based on the full involvement of the client in the leadership, up to the completion of executions. In short, Blulabel is your trustworthy store builder


Ensure in the fixed time the most suitable service according to our clients intents. We are your construction services provider


Our purpose is to build environments which describe our clients identity.
Our constructions are gathering places able to host visitors that compose real communities. In order to build up environments for real communities, it’s important to care and respect the circumstantial environment

Are you curious about our methods of caring natural environment?


According to each brand, we create a customer made scene for any space: we build up commercial and company concepts, with a particular attention to materials usage and care of the smallest details.
From engineering of your work space to its implementation and maintenance in the years, we create detailed buildings according to the most sophisticated design intents of our clients.
Our modern technology supports us in a procurement oriented approach towards to supply chain. In which way? We operate using a bidding platform, which helps us to be always updated: this bidding software connects us to other construction professionals

Fit out and Shopfitting are our duties


Fit Out means the construction of the areas with the equipments inside. Everything required by the client to bring the work to the state of completion.

Engineering projects | contracts | H&S | construction and management | assembling furniture and equipment | permits & documents


Shopfitting means the creation of custom-made furniture and series, including logistics and installation.

Concept design analysis | materials and process evaluation | mock up | checks and implementation | production | handling | installation


Our long-time partnership with the most prominent fashion firms gives us the reliability to deal only with the best suppliers and consultants for providing the most suitable solutions focused to our luxury clients worldwide.

Our offices are located in Italy and thanks to a global network of Project managers and subcontractors in many countries, we can support you with no boundaries. Everywhere we work, we benefit from local vendors to ensure compliance with local rules


We trust in technology and we rely on a bidding platform for increasing our efficiency.

It helps us in the accountability management, works as a database for specifications collection which are directly submitted by clients and then forwarded to selected suppliers.

How does it works?

We upload a quotation request to suppliers in an online gateway, our suppliers submit a quotation and we receive it quickly. This method supports us to create tailormade bids for clients, because suppliers’ costs are already counted in their quotation, thus we can easily calculate our profit margins and forward a final bid to clients.

The bidding platform can drive purchasing and selling orders, it enables us to upload single quotations or orders and in this way we can always access to reporting and read the amount of charges incurred