Blu label adopts principles of sustainability of the projects as well as of the production process and products, following guidelines for energy efficiency.

Thanks to its “green attitude” helps retail companies in achieving LEED certification and has the vision, in addition to a consolidated expertise, to save money without increasing construction costs simply by choosing the optimal solution with regard to the management of water, and energy, environmental quality of interiors, the use and reuse of materials, the site planning. BLU LABEL eco-sustainable work is focused on eco-sustainable project management as well as economy in resource consumption during the transformation process in terms of emissions, water and fuel usage, landfill waste;

Part of Blu Label team is fully dedicated to a clever research for eco-material usage, including the re-use, and to an optimization, in terms of energetic efficiency, of equipment in the installation of heating systems, air conditioning, illumination and air circulation in order to follow eco-redesign programs in accordance with new protocols of eco building construction and achieve relevant certifications.

“While we watch your style right away we are thinking about a sustainable future”.