Blu Label is a true “construction lab” in continuous turmoil, open to contamination and sensitive to international trends. Master in interior construction, Blu label helps international companies designing and build up luxury workspaces in the retail market as well as hotels, business offices, architecture and public interiors, locally or internationally, in every corner of Europe.



An international multidisciplinary group of professionals is the real beating heart: they address the Real Estate Market with a ground-breaking approach based on the full involvement of the client in the leadership up to the completion of executions. “We creates a custom made scene for any space according to individual brand, commercial and company concepts, with a very particular attention to materials usage and the care of even the smallest details”.

“Simplicity Is Luxury”


Talent designers, skilled architects and engineers and even trusted craftsmanship manage together the projects, in an integrated process, inspired from the interaction of their diverse skills. Thanks to an accurate optimisation of design strategies, cost control and experience, Blu label team is able to manage complex sites and coordinate the whole interior construction process, as well as the mock up and even the hand made manufacturing.


BLU LABEL’s green attitude is an all-comprehensive initiative, is a vision, which reflects onto its efficient energy conservation and eco-construction programs for interiors construction, which decline into a global saving for our clients as well as for the future humanity.

“Switch on a green light in your daily space”.


Blu label has a problem solving approach. Step by step evaluates all feasible scenarios since the best solution is achieved with no compromised or renounces on quality. We offer 360° full services for execution to be completed in whatever country of Europe. Each client has a dedicate consultant for architecture, interior design, Mechanical & Electrical, Health & Safety up to the end over.

mock up - hand made manufacturing – cost control - complex site management –design strategy optimisation - retail retailoring – interior construction

sustainable site development and store design – energetic efficiency – eco material usage and reuse - indoor environmental quality

problem solving – 360° full service network - multiprofessional team – h&s – m&e